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Cloudy with a Chance of Tickles by KoochieKoochieToons Cloudy with a Chance of Tickles :iconkoochiekoochietoons:KoochieKoochieToons 216 17 Amanda's tickler friends by MisterFiS Amanda's tickler friends :iconmisterfis:MisterFiS 73 9 Little Sisters foot massage by MisterFiS Little Sisters foot massage :iconmisterfis:MisterFiS 116 40
Male!Reader x Lisbeth (One shot)
Throughout life, heroes are noticed and praised, while some are overshadowed and unnoticed. In SAO, are the ranks of Kirito, Asuna, and The Knights of the Blood Oaths. They were considered important people in the front lines. One certain individual was unnoticed and wanted to be recognized. The player served within the light and shadows, but would always be out shown by the higher ranks. Ever since SAO became a death game, lives were lost and the individual wanted to become stronger so he could rise above the ranks and assist in clearing the game so no more pointless deaths occur. The individual wanted to prove that anyone can be strong, and mostly that he could reach the ranks and assist in the front lines. He would complete quest and such. He was strong but he was still overshadowed. He would always visit a certain blacksmith for materials to enhance his skills and weaponry. Too bad that he grew fond of the blacksmith herself and noticed she had feelings for someone else.
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 88 33
Adoption and true love ( RWBY x AF!F!M!Reader ) AU

Hello! Welcome to another one of my oneshots! I was finally able to write something this week... In this AU there is Vale and faunus but no Grimms, White Fang and all that dangerous stuff. I just hope you'll ENJOY!
( Reader P.o.V )
Streets of Vale...
I walked out of my home and shuttered. It was so cold this evening. I had to get to my job. I'm a bartender at the Junior's bar. He pays a good amount of cash and treat his workers rather respectful, at least he never had an actual problem with me even if I'm a faunus. As I was moving on in a rather quick walk I was met was a strange view. Two little - maybe around five years old - girls were pulling what was left from out of the trashcan. My eyes went wide and I walked up to check on them.
I walked up but they still didn't react to me. One had dirty black and purple clothes and pair of black cat ears sticking from her black hair. The other one was white - or more of a gray now - and blue. S
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 108 107
Christmas bond~ ( Velvet x M!Reader ) AU

Welcome! Merry Christmas! Enjoy!
( Reader P.o.V )
(Y/N)'s house...
I woke up under the warm covers and look out of the window. I saw snow slowly falling down to gently embrace the world in the white coat. I smiled to myself and my smile widen once a person next to me started to wake up too. A pair of brown bunny ears emerged from under the cover and pair of slender arms traced my figure as a cute face look towards me from under the blanket. "Hi~" I said and pulled the covers off a little to reveal my beautiful girlfriend Velvet cuddling up to me.
"Morning..." She answered still half-asleep making me chuckled on the inside at how cute she was acting. I pet her ears and she mumbled something before snuggling up closer to me and trying to fall sleep again. As much as I liked the idea we had to get up and prepare for the Christmas as we were hosting the christmas party at our place this year. "Come on Velv~ Wakey, wakey~" I said and
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 87 60
A little slimy ( Suu x Male!Reader )

Hi there! Some of you were asking for a Suu oneshot so here it is! It have a nice ending and I only took 2 hourse to make! Which is freaking awesome knowing my problem with having a lot of ideas but not being able to write them down... Well then! Enjoy!
( Reader P.o.V )
I was staring at my brother having a total harem life problem with Miia, Papi and Centorea. I walked down to kitcchen to see them pulling him in diffrent directions. I sigh and took out a bottle of water. I drink it and others calmed down enought to not kill Kimihito. "Hey bro, I'm taking over the bathroom!" I shouted walking back upstairs. "Okay! Dinner will be ready soon!" He yelled back and went to my room for some clean shorts. When I was looking throught my room I heard them scream over something again.
I get my shorts and went to bathroom. I turned the hot water on and toss my clothes away. I slided in our 'home hot spring' and relaxed. I was so tired after the scho
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 102 56
Cosmo's Good Morning Tickles by ProRaindancer Cosmo's Good Morning Tickles :iconproraindancer:ProRaindancer 57 24 Henry Tickled by ImaginDevan Henry Tickled :iconimagindevan:ImaginDevan 19 4
Mature content
Royal blood ( Cassie Cage x M!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 46 20
Games and licks by DazidentEvil Games and licks :icondazidentevil:DazidentEvil 502 56 Company Frustrations P.4 by Kenzoe64 Company Frustrations P.4 :iconkenzoe64:Kenzoe64 108 20 Commission for AzraelFinalstar 2 by Kenzoe64 Commission for AzraelFinalstar 2 :iconkenzoe64:Kenzoe64 62 27
Sandy's Tickle Torture.
Inside the realms of the dark and secretive underground dungeon there was silence.
Sandy Woke in panic and started to call for help
She tried then to free herself as she then found her almost nude and oiled body strapped tightly to a table.
The straps held her firmly fixed to the solid table.
Finding a strap holding down every second inch of her body Sandy then realized she was in trouble.
As she struggled frantically she heard footsteps coming down the hallway
"Hello is there anybody there?"
The footsteps continued to get louder as a reply to her S.O.S was clearly non existent.
She gazed at the door as she saw a tall figure enter the room after closing and locking the door.
as the figure got closer Sandy saw that the figure was a female with a tall and sturdy posture, brown hair and a grin that worried sandy.
"Who are you and why am I here?" Sandy asked
"You are a part of a new experiment we are conducting" Said the tall and overwhelmed female.
"My name is Doctor Reed, and i will be t
:iconphillip12:phillip12 43 2
Sandy's French Tickler by Fire-Fox-America Sandy's French Tickler :iconfire-fox-america:Fire-Fox-America 427 91 Trash Mammal by RaidenTheDeoxys Trash Mammal :iconraidenthedeoxys:RaidenTheDeoxys 173 9



Helen the oc of drawydoodles is really cute especially her paws
Nice art wolfscar2810 it is really cute


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Samurai jack is very good I rolePlay


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